Motivelinks For Small & Medium Businesses

Many businesses fail due to lack of funds or trying to implement short term solutions. The truth is, there is no magic key to make your business a success overnight. However, if you are passionate about what you do then you need to find solutions that can scale with your business needs without affecting your budget.

At Motivelinks, we understand what small and medium business owners will need while expanding their business and that's why we created the cloud-based solution "Motivelinks". Our platform allows every small business to fully automate their business and run the business efficiently online. Just pick from our pre-configured solutions for education, healthcare, marketing, advertising and entertainment, retail, and photography or ask our support team to custom configure a solution just for your business.

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Run Your Business Remotely During COVID-19 Crisis.

Motivelinks is a platform for efficiently running your business online. We realized the importance of effective video conferencing for our clients for business continuity during COVID 19 crisis/ lockdowns and to avoid business disruptions during current circumstances. So, we have recently added secure and easy to use video conferencing solution to our platform, no plugins to download and no setup required!

If you are a Motivelinks client, take advantage of our new video conferencing solution. Not a client yet? Submit your info using "Contact Us" form on our website and we will get you started in a day.

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Motivelinks Launches ServClouds

ServCloud is a suite of pre-packaged easy to use online solutions created on Motivelinks platform. ServClouds includes three products lines:

  • Work Cloud to run your business remotely. Every tool and online setup you need for smooth remote operations. Best suited for businesses that are small corporations or businesses with multiple departments and need an Intranet/Extranet solutions.
  • Learning Cloud to run online classes using video conferencing, online assignments, attendance, student records, online payments and more, all remotely. Best suited for schools, coaching centers, universities or any other educational institute.
  • Service Cloud for service providers to provide online services to their clients in various business domains - healthcare, accountants, therapists, or any other service-based business.

Pick the right solution for your business and get your business up and running quickly for remote operations from home. Every employee of your business, your customers and vendors, all get every tool needed for online business from home.

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